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Vibguard IiOT

High-performance Online Condition Monitoring system for critical assets


If you want to guard against unplanned shutdowns choose VIBGUARD IIoT


Even the most complex equipement are continuously monitored and protected against unplanned outages. in addition to providing the severity levels of machinery vibration and trending those,  it also helps the user in determining the cause of the severity with help of all advanced signatures.

VIBGUARD IIoT works autonomously and performs the measurement tasks automatically. The measurement data such as time signal, characteristic value, FFT spectrum, kinetic wave path (orbits), or torque are processed in parallel and almost in real time and can be correlated with the running production process. The fast data processing makes VIBGUARD IIoT the perfect monitoring and diagnostic system for systems with short operating cycles, such as cranes, machine tools, presses, or for machines with highly dynamic processes, such as test benches, wind turbines or chain conveyors. All critical fans and pumps can also be monitored easily but effectively with VIBGUARD IIoT offers a choice of 12, 16 or 20 measuring channels which are sampled in parallel and synchronously. 


VIBGUARD IIoT measures time signals, overall values, FFT spectra, shock pulse, orbits and much more on either 12, 16 or 20 parallel channels for almost all kind of signal inputs. Vibration, Tacho Pulse, temperature and any other relevant diagnostic inputs like torque are processed and can be correlated to the actual manufacturing process. Measurements are integrated seamlessly to process control systems via a MQTT interface. Intelligent data management tools allow for efficient data reduction.


Advanced alarm handling tools like variable frequency band alarms and frequency band trending are available for monitoring specific machine failures like unbalance, misalignment, gear mesh and bearing failures.

VIBGUARD IIoT can easily be connected to the buffered outputs of real time protection systems in order to perform in-depth analysis and monitoring of turbomachinery.