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Vibrating Wire - Joint Meter

The basic principle of Vibrating Wire Joint Meter is to measure the movements (opening/closing), between two concrtee blocks in a concrete/Masonary/Gravity Dam, and is suitable for embedment applications.  The basic principal of the Vibrating Wire type Joint meter is that the changes in the natural frequency of a stretched wire depends upon change in the tension of the wire. In this one ned of the wire is attached to the moveable head of the joint meter by a steel spring and other end to a fixed point. The displacement results in variation in tension  of the spring and of the vibrating wire. The change in frequency of the wire is a measure of displacement between the joints. The difference of square of frequencies is proportional to the displacement The frequency redaing are taken by the Vibrating wire readout unit. You may also visit : Vibrating Wire - Liquid Settlement Cell