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Vibrating Wire - Liquid Settlement Cell

Liquid Settlement Cells based on the principle of vibrating wire are of two types : Borehole Type and French Type. These help in measurement and control of vertical movements.The cell consists of a Vibrating wire type transducer with an  integral water chamber. A pair of nylon tubes and an armoured cable extended from the cell to the readout terminal located on a stable ground. The nylon cables are filled with water and connected at one end, to a prespex datum sight pot and at the other end to the transducer liquod chamber. The cable connects the transducer to the terminal panel. Vertical movement of the cell in relation to the readout unit ocation results in change in liquod pressure with in the chamber.To measure the change in pressure and hence the amount of settlement OR heave at a particular point, a Vibrating wire readout unit is connected to the transducer cable to provide a direct reading of fluid pressure acting on the cell. The pressure is displayed on the readout is converted in "meters" of water and can than be recorded for comparision with previously recorded data.

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