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Vicat Tester HDTM

The Model 603 HDTM and the Model 303 HDTM are the latest generation of Tinius Olsen’s digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature/Vicat test equipment. The 603 HDTM is capable of testing up to six different specimens simultaneously, and the smaller 303 HDTM can test up to three specimens simultaneously, both with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters. The basic Model 603 HDTM includes a six station bath, two test stations, and a handheld terminal, and up to four more stations can be added.


The basic Model 303 HDTM includes a three station bath, two test stations, and a handheld terminal. Each test frame can be configured with optional accessories for either Vicat or deflection temperature testing, including 4” or 100 mm edgewise or 64 mm flatwise deflection temperature. Additionally, the machines are ready to be linked to Tinius Olsen’s HDV software so that the PC can configure the controller, collect the test data, generate a test report, and save the results.

All test stations are pneumatically raised from the bath at the touch of a button on the handheld terminal, allowing easy placement of the test specimens. Once the specimens are loaded into the respective test positions, all stations are lowered collectively into the oil bath and the test can start.



  • Exhaust Fan on Bath Port that is ready to remove Interior Oil fumes.
  • Conforms to ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D648, and ASTM D1525
  • Electronics transducers comes into loading rod assemblies for 0.001mm resolution of deflection or pentation
  • Built for rapid cool with heat exchanger unit
  • Automatic correction for thermal expansion of test frames
  • Correct Data available for thermal expansion of test frames
  • Accessories available include additional test stations, deflection temperature loading noses, Vicat loading noses and needles, weights, 64 mm span supports for ‘flatwise’ deflection temperature testing