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In addition to the Vision 320 RIE system, Advanced Vacuum offers the Vision 322 RIE/PE (Plasma Etch mode) for applications that require low density plasma with little or no ion bombardment. The Vision 322 RIE/PE differs from the Vision 320 RIE parallel-plate capacitance plasma by only applying power to the upper electrode. In PE mode, ions are not biased towards the substrate with the result being a more chemically influenced isotropic etching condition. This is particularly useful for etching when material selectivity is chemically driven such as for failure analysis studies. As with the Vision 320 RIE, the Vision 322 RIE/PE is used in R&D, prototyping and low volume production environments for fundamental material studies and surface modification, semiconductor device fabrication, and failure analysis involving delayering. For additional flexibility, the Vision 322 RIE/PE can be used with the lower electrode powered (i.e. RIE mode) instead of the upper electrode. This combination allows operation in the full range between PE and RIE modes and spans chemical to physical etching mechanisms. This flexibility along with the reliability of the Vision platform is attractive to both academic and industrial facilities