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WatchBP office ABI

The WatchBP Office ABI is an office based  automated device to  measure the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI). Its is operator- independent, easy to use, and very accurate as it involves the placement of blood pressure cuffs on ankles and arms, rather than the cumbersome doppler probes used by many others to detect ABI. The device allows for a high throughput of patients as it takes only 4 minutes, and extensive patient preparation is not necessary. Results are auto-calculated, leaving no room for computational errors. 

 It has a unique dual-cuff design for convenient, simultaneous both-arm blood pressure measurement in order to assess inter-arm blood pressure differences The device allows for simultaneous measurement at the arm and the ankle, rather than the time consuming and some what inaccurate sequential method, which is necessitated by Doppler based devices. Clinical studies show that the Microlife ABI has much better reproducibility than Doppler based devices.

Microlife ABI is designed keeping guidelines in mind, as it automatically peforms duplicate measurements and simultaneously screens  for AFIB.