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WEARSCANNER detects electrically conductive particles in oil using a patented method based on the eddy current principle. Results are independent of oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air and water contents or oil color (darkening). The particles are counted real-time and classified according to their size. Minimum particle detection size is down to 50µm to ensure the detection of the slightest start of detrimental and abnormal wear.


Online Particle Counter Monitors Wear Debris in Oil


This is an Online Particle Size Distribution Counter Monitors Wear Debris in Oil that helps in following ways:

  1. Avoids consequential damage
  2. Enhances the availability of the plant
  3. Switching output for alarms
  4. Recognizes bearing & gear teeth damage

Recognize damage before they totally fail to operate. Use’ Wear Scanner’.


See how WEARSCANNER® works:


  • Each peak represents a particle that flows through the sensor tube.
  • The amplitude indicates the size of the particle.
  • The peaks are counted in set time intervals
    • And the number of peaks per time interval is transmitted via Modbus TCP.
  • The size categories – three in this case – are configured for each particular situation.
  • The time resolution and scan rate can be selected.


The sensitivity of the WEARSCANNER® can be adapted by adjusting the gain, power and filter to the machine application.

General rule: As you know, if large will be the particle that occurs more damage.


Technical details:

Fitting dimensions

1/2“- other sizes available upon request


Measuring method

Eddy current, differential coil principle



Ferritic or non-ferritic


Particle size class

Up to 8 size classes can be set


Flow velocity

0.01m/s – 5m/s (0.1 - 40 l/min)


Oil type

Mineral, synthetic or biodegradable


Oil pressure

Max. 16bar


Temperature range

-20°C – 80°C


Signal processing

Particle distribution counters with integral. Average determination and classification.


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