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Wheel Rut Tester (AIM 579 )

The wheel rut tester is used to determine the resistance ability to wheel tracking at high temperature of bituminous combined material. The machine has two main parts i.e. testing machine and constant temperature cabinet, temperature is controlled by PIO controller. This consists essentially of a loaded wheel, which bears on a sample held on a moving table. The table reciprocates with simple harmonic motion. The wheel is fitted with a solid rubber tyre and moves at a speed of 42+/-1 rpm and the sample table is fitted with a locking clamp for 230 +/- 10 mm. The machine is also provided a moving beam and balance weight to adjust the tyre position on and off the specimen at the beginning and at the end of the test. The pressure between table and specimen is ensured at 0.7 Mpa with the leverage effect of moving beam. Furthermore temperature sensor is provided near the specimen to maintain the temperature of the cabinet. The test is automatically controlled by a data acquisition and processing system with large graphic display to monitor in real time number of cycles, rut depth and temperature and time displacement graph.