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Wheel Tracker Small Device 1 or 2 Arms

The CRT-WTEN1 and CRT-WTEN2 are supplied with a UKAS certificate of accreditation validating conformance to EN 13108

Wheel tracking is used to assess the resistance to rutting of asphaltic materials under conditions which simulate the effect of traffic. A loaded wheel tracks a sample under specified conditions of load, speed and temperature while the development of the rut is monitored continuously during the test. Test specimens can be either slabs prepared with a laboratory compactor or 200mm Ø cores cut from the highway.

The CRT-WTEN1 wheel tracker performs both procedures A and B specified for the small scale device in EN 12697-22. Procedure A requires that six specimens are tested. For procedure B only two specimens need to be tested, but rut depth must be measured at more points along the longitudinal rut profile. To speed up the testing process the CRT-WTEN2 was designed to test two specimens simultaneously.


EN 12697-22 Small device
AGPT/T231 (supersedes AST 01)
BS 598-110:1998


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