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Zetasizer Pro

Zetasizer Pro for the measurement of size, mobility and zeta potential of dispersed particles and molecules in solution.

The system features a HeNe laser (633nm, 4mW) with an APD Detector and NIBS technology for the measurement of particle size over a wide range of concentrations and sample types and benefits from switchable optical filters (fluorescence, horizontal and vertical polarizers). Mobility and zeta potential measurements benefit from M3- PALS and Constant Current Zeta mode (for high conductivity measurements). Includes ZS Xplorer software with Adaptive Correlation sizing for faster, more insightful size measurements less affected by sample contamination. ZS Xplorer offers an intuitive and flexible interface allowing simple to complex methods to be quickly constructed and run. ZS Xplorer also incorporates Deep Learning empowered AI size data quality guidance system to aid users in obtaining the best measurement data with their samples. Class 1 laser product