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Lube Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is an invaluable asset in identifying potential lubricant and equipment faults – before they can result in equipment degradation or productivity loss. Lube oil analysis benefits include optimized equipment and oil life, reduced downtime, improved safety and better reliability of critical equipment’s. 


Aimil-LubeXpert has equipped with the most innovative and advanced oil analysis testing instruments for FAST  and  RELIABLE oil analysis testing.  With state of art instruments and Certified Lubrication Specialists provide reliable and accurate interpretation of your lubricants, and provide expertise and maintenance suggestions.


Aimil-LubeXpert oil analysis test facilities, Vadodara and Bhubaneswar are an ISO/IEC17025:2017 NABL Accredited Chemical/Lubricating/Grease Testing Laboratories provide accurate, reliable results .


We have time and again proved effectiveness of the oil testing program, due to which we are able to cater to a wide variety of industries for their oil testing and condition monitoring programs.



Every oil testing program has objectives and benefits. The return on investment of the oil testing program and be calculated from

  •  Measurably Extend Life of Oil
  •  Measurably Extend Life of Equipment
  •  Increase Production/Machine Availability
  •  Reduce Maintenance expenses
  •  Reduce Breakdowns

Aimil-LubeXpert labs, you are assured that your critical assets are interpreted by Internationally certified lubrication specialists all the oil analysis and equipment data and deliverables with straight root cause-based analysis..


Test results: Reports will be submitted in online  thorough Web portal with below advantages.

  • Downloads results
  • Trending wear rates
  • Trend result graphs
  • Adjusts alarms
  • Stores all historical information
  • Oil analysis info stored in system
  • Audit trail of action