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Noise & Vibration Engineering Services (NVES)

NVES is the Consultancy division within Aimil, focused on providing Application support, Services,Solutions & Consultancy in noise & vibration domain .

The group is committed to give Cost effective, Quality and Professional services in Noise and Vibration Engineering to our customers.

The group has an experienced TEAM of experts fully equipped with wide range of Sensors, Instrumentation, Application/Software suites and Test facilities to cater noise & vibration test requirements.

NVES has networked and partnered with many collaborated Test Facilities & Institutions to synergize the efforts towards building Technology Consortium to be able to provide services & solutions for every need of our customers. The capability of the group lies in catering to noise & vibration requirements of every spectrum of industries ranging from Automotive and Auto Ancillary Industries, Aerospace & Defense, Engineering Industries, Process Industries, Consumer Electronics, Hospitality Industries, Medical & Biological and many more.


High Quality NVH has become a vital vehicle development target as it contributes to product quality, driving pleasure and customer satisfaction. Advanced NVH experimental and virtual tools are rudiments for cost and time effective development minimizing pre-production troubleshooting effort and shortening time-to-market. Our scope of work ranges from NVH benchmark and target setting, troubleshooting, sound design, low noise powertrain and driveline development, NVH engineering within vehicle integration up to full vehicle NVH development responsibility, turbine troubleshooting, vibration monitoring, R & D developments. Besides passenger cars the field of our NVH activities covers also trucks as well as off-road and industrial machinery.


Our NVH Expertise Includes:

• Vibration measurement / analysis and mitigation (isolation & control)
• Acceptance tests and services using real-time multi-channel analyser
• Turbine vibration measurement & analysis
• Rotating machinery online monitoring services
• Torsional vibration measurement & analysis on test rig & vehicle level on engine, transmission, FED, TVD...etc
• Modal analysis and component validation with FEA data
• Noise measurements and analysis
• Sound localization using sound intensity measurement
• Sound power measurement as per ISO standard using Sound intensity
• Sound Quality & Jury Testing
• Training and Team development in NVH


Certified Calibration Centre for Microphone (NABL Accreditation*)

We have state of the art certified calibration centre for microphone and pre-amplifiers from G.R.A.S, Denmark. The G.R.A.S Microphone Calibration System provides for automated and reliable level and frequency response calibration of measurement microphones. The implemented calibration methods conform with relevant standards as listed in the specifications.

Main Features
• Full range calibration
• Highly automated and computer-controlled calibration process
• Accurate calibration hardware
• Preinstalled test parameters for ALL microphones and microphone sets
• Optional software for test of preamplifiers
• Highly reproducible calibration method
• Auto-generated, customized documentation for printing and archiving


Calibration offered for complete frequency range of microphone

Calibration offered for complete frequency range of microphone


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